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Tree Trimming

Tree maintenance is very important to the healthy growth of any tree. Taking care by trimming and pruning will prolong the life and prevent problems down the road. Regular maintenance can prevent damage to the tree or surrounding structures and potential personal injury during severe weather.

Shrubs require maintenance also. Different plants may require different timing as far as pruning and trimming. Overgrown and neglected shrubs can be unsightly, may not grow or flower as they should and generally not be as healthy without proper maintenance. We provide services removing dead or dying branches and shape them to look their absolute best.

The “Rule Of Thumb”. Trees should be trimmed each tear or every other year at minimum. Shrubs need annual maintenance at minimum with some varieties more frequently.

Helps prevent infection and diseases from spreading

Ensures longer life

Helps Trees grow and mature properly

Shapes and makes for a more attractive look

Climbing Services

Triton Tree & Turf has the experienced climbers when you encounter one of those “hard to get to” situations. Sometimes climbing and piecing down branches is desired to prevent damage to structures, power lines or to your lawn. Climbing can also be an affordable option for simple trimming at times. Regardless of the need, Triton can offer professional climbing services and options. Ask for an estimate anytime. 

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